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Wealth strategies outside the box

Our team’s combined experience, credentials, and knowledge of a wide range of investment vehicles and services allows our firm to provide top-quality, cost-effective financial strategies that are individualized for the specific needs of our clients.

Over 160 Years & Counting

We offer advice and strategies tailored to you… continuing a long tradition of service that we have honored since 1859. Wherever you are on your journey and whatever financial well-being means to you, we will meet you where you are at.

More than $220 billion assets under management

Prestige Wealth strategies is a financial services firm with clients with investable assets of $1 million dollars and more. The firms’ clients include affluent individuals, companies, and corporations across many geographic regions within the United States. Our professionals specialize in asset management, estate protection strategies, and asset/estate distribution consulting. 

Member Elite Advisor Group

At Prestige we put our experience to work to earn your trust. Along the way, we’ve gained respect as one of America’s leading financial service companies. And we’ve earned the trust of our clients and their families for generations. 

Message From Our Senior Advisors

By combining our knowledge and experience in financial services with our focus on building lasting relationships, we are determined to deliver sound investment and insurance strategies that can help you take control of your financial future. Our education and experience helps us communicate complex issues and analysis clearly. We will skip the jargon. Because we want you to be comfortable with the program we develop, we'll work collaboratively throughout the entire process. With the ongoing growth of our financial advisory businesses over the past decade, this has led to accumulating a clientele base that required us to expand our capacity by shifting from the ‘solopreneur’ advisor model into forming an advisor team. The appeal of the team model is the potential to both improve operational productivity through delegation of tasks, expand service with a broader range of expertise, and train and develop next-generation financial advisors in the business. Teams grow faster than sole practitioners because they do the fundamental things that drive growth, allowing us to manage fewer accounts creating deeper relationships and lifelong clients. Thanks for visiting.

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